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If you’ve been by Baileys Lane in Haddam, driving with the windows down or on a stroll through the neighborhood, you might find your ears perking up to the sound of music. You may think you’re hearing things, but don’t be fooled. The music is very real and very good. What’s blowing on the wind is the sound of Old Dog New Trick; a band first formed in 2010 by father & son duo, Bruce and Mitch Thorndike. Over the past six years they have grown tremendously, but what makes the band so unique is the foundation that began decades ago.

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Look Who's Talking:

I can’t thank these guys enough and they always provide a type of warmth in their interpersonal communication whit the audience that is quite unique. This band makes you feel like part of the family and the music is so honest and raw and interpreted in such a creative talented way that it draws you in and makes you fee like an integral part of the entire show. I love these guys and I love this band!!
– Mark Steiner, ODNT super-fan.

They’re our biggest act! These guys always bring a giant crowd. That’s why we hired them for the biggest bar night of the year! (Thanksgiving Eve)
– Donna Martin, bartender at La Vita Gustosa

They just kind of hit a homerun and keep on growing our business too!
– Robert Galbraith, General Manager, Pattaconk1850 Bar and Grill

I can always count on ODNT to be a breath of fresh air with their authentic, raw and inspired performances… always a pleasure, always a new show, always a great evening out!
John Wilson, local fan

They’ll do well anywhere they play, truthfully. They already have a great following, locally. I think those people will follow them wherever they go. And that’s hard to find.
– Don Giroux, musician

They bring community, spirit, heart & soul with their music
– Carolyn Newman, ODNT fan and “band-aid”

Their fans are like a family!
– Angela Louise, ODNT supporter

ODNT is a great band who know how to get a crowd on their feet dancing…they never disappoint!
– Jaqueline Emmerling, ODNT fan (and longtime mother-of-a-bass-player).

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